The Worlds Greatest Jazz Collection [500 CD Box Set, Part 1-5] (2008) : SMG

Updated: 25-May-2020
The Worlds Greatest Jazz Collection [500 CD Box Set, Part 1-5] (2008) : SMG
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The World's Greatest Jazz Collection [500 CD Box Set, Part 1-5] (2008) - SMG.nfo (6.91 KB)
001-01-Teddy Hill And His NBC Orchestra-Yours And Mine.mp3 (6.16 MB)
001-02-Teddy Hill And His NBC Orchestra-King Porter Stomp.mp3 (7.05 MB)
001-03-Teddy Hill And His NBC Orchestra-Blue Rhythm Fantasy.mp3 (6.2 MB)
001-04-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-For The Last Time I Cried Over You.mp3 (6.58 MB)
001-05-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Twee-Twee-Tweet.mp3 (6.34 MB)
001-06-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Pluckin'The Bass.mp3 (6.29 MB)
001-07-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-I Ain't Gettin' Nowhere Fast.mp3 (6.45 MB)
001-08-Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra-Hot Mallets.mp3 (5.24 MB)
001-09-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-A Bee Gezindt.mp3 (6.65 MB)
001-10-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Give, Baby, Give.mp3 (6.07 MB)
002-01-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Come On With The 'Come On'.mp3 (6.83 MB)
002-02-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Bye Bye Blues.mp3 (6.68 MB)
002-03-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Limehouse Blues.mp3 (5.45 MB)
002-04-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Hard Times (Topsy Turvy).mp3 (7.38 MB)
002-05-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Cupid's Nightmare.mp3 (13.17 MB)
002-06-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Boog-It.mp3 (8.62 MB)
002-07-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Cab Calloway - King Porter Stomp.mp3 (8.86 MB)
002-08-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Papa's In Bed With His Britches On.mp3 (5.96 MB)
002-09-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Boo-Wah-Boo-Wah.mp3 (6.55 MB)
002-10-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Hot Air.mp3 (6.64 MB)
003-01-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Stardust.mp3 (14.52 MB)
003-02-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Stardust.mp3 (7.95 MB)
003-03-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Kerouac.mp3 (17.63 MB)
003-04-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Swing To Bop.mp3 (20.72 MB)
003-05-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Stompin' At The Savoy.mp3 (19.07 MB)
003-06-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Up On Teddy's Hill.mp3 (14.34 MB)
003-07-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Down On Teddy's Hill.mp3 (7.3 MB)
003-08-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Guy's Go To Go (I Got Rhythm).mp3 (5.66 MB)
003-09-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Lips Flips (aka Stompin' At The Savoy).mp3 (11.49 MB)
004-01-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Woody'n You.mp3 (6.96 MB)
004-02-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Bu-Dee-Daht.mp3 (7.48 MB)
004-03-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Yesterdays.mp3 (6.86 MB)
004-04-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Disorder at the Border.mp3 (6.92 MB)
004-05-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Feeling Zero.mp3 (6.98 MB)
004-06-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Rainbow Mist.mp3 (6.98 MB)
004-07-Billy Eckstine-I Got a Date with the Rhythm Man.mp3 (6.79 MB)
004-08-Billy Eckstine-I Stay in the Mood for You.mp3 (6.87 MB)
004-09-Billy Eckstine-Good Jelly Blues.mp3 (6.69 MB)
004-10-Billy Eckstine and his Orchestra-If That's the Way You Feel.mp3 (6.18 MB)
005-01-Charlie Parker-Variations on Honeysuckle Rose & Body and Soul.mp3 (7.14 MB)
005-02-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Walkin' and Swingin' (I Got Rhythm).mp3 (8.39 MB)
005-03-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-I've Found a New baby.mp3 (6.97 MB)
005-04-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Body and Soul.mp3 (6.67 MB)
005-05-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Moten Swing.mp3 (6.52 MB)
005-06-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Coquette.mp3 (7.34 MB)
005-07-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Oh, Lady be Good.mp3 (6.82 MB)
005-08-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Wichita Blues.mp3 (7.31 MB)
005-09-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Honeysuckle Rose.mp3 (6.87 MB)
005-10-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Swingmatism.mp3 (6.06 MB)
006-01-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-You Talk A Little Trash.mp3 (7.02 MB)
006-02-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Floogie Boo.mp3 (6.15 MB)
006-03-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-I Don't Know.mp3 (7.43 MB)
006-04-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Gotta Do Some War Work, Baby.mp3 (7.14 MB)
006-05-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-My Old Flame.mp3 (7.52 MB)
006-06-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Sweet Lorraine.mp3 (7.38 MB)
006-07-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Echoes Of Harlem.mp3 (7.25 MB)
006-08-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Honeysuckle Rose.mp3 (7.43 MB)
006-09-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Now I Know.mp3 (6.96 MB)
006-10-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Tess's Torch Song (I Had A Man).mp3 (5.85 MB)
007-01-Billy Eckstine-Blue'n Boogie (Theme).mp3 (3.37 MB)
007-02-Billy Eckstine-Blowin' The Blues Away.mp3 (4.6 MB)
007-03-Billy Eckstine-'Deed I Do.mp3 (6.16 MB)
007-04-Billy Eckstine-I Wanna Talk About You.mp3 (7.67 MB)
007-05-Billy Eckstine-Blue'n Boogie (Theme) 1.mp3 (1.8 MB)
007-06-Billy Eckstine-Blue'n Boogie (Theme) 2.mp3 (1.9 MB)
007-07-Billy Eckstine-Together.mp3 (9.28 MB)
007-08-Billy Eckstine-Mean To Me.mp3 (10.26 MB)
007-09-Billy Eckstine-Without A Song.mp3 (9.82 MB)
007-10-Billy Eckstine-Mr. Chips.mp3 (6.95 MB)
008-01-Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra-My Deep Blue Dream.mp3 (6.96 MB)
008-02-Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra-Prisoner Of Love.mp3 (6.75 MB)
008-03-Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra-It Ain' Like That.mp3 (6.67 MB)
008-04-Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra-A Penny For Your Thoughts.mp3 (6.82 MB)
008-05-Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra-I'm In The Mood For Love.mp3 (6.77 MB)
008-06-Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra-You Call It Madness.mp3 (7 MB)
008-07-Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra-All I Sing Is Blues.mp3 (6.55 MB)
008-08-Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra-Long Long Journey.mp3 (7.18 MB)
008-09-Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra-I Only Have Eyes For You.mp3 (5.96 MB)
008-10-Billy Eckstine And His Orchestra-You're My Everything.mp3 (6.37 MB)
009-01-Woody Herman-Flying Home.mp3 (7.17 MB)
009-02-Woody Herman-It Must Be Jelly.mp3 (6.64 MB)
009-03-Woody Herman-Red Top.mp3 (10.46 MB)
009-04-Woody Herman-Jones Beachhaed.mp3 (8.04 MB)
009-05-Woody Herman-Apple Honey.mp3 (10.77 MB)
009-06-Woody Herman-John Hardy's Wife.mp3 (10.39 MB)
009-07-Woody Herman-Apple Honey.mp3 (7.59 MB)
009-08-Woody Herman-Caldonia.mp3 (7.02 MB)
009-09-Woody Herman-Goosey Gander.mp3 (7.81 MB)
009-10-Woody Herman-Northwest Passage.mp3 (7.36 MB)
010-01-Red Norvo - 1-2-3-4 Jump.mp3 (9.14 MB)
010-02-Red Norvo - Seven Come Eleven.mp3 (9.89 MB)
010-03-Red Norvo - In A Mellotone (Red Norvo Repeats).mp3 (11.96 MB)
010-04-Red Norvo - Flying Home.mp3 (9.88 MB)
010-05-Red Norvo - The Sergeant On Furlough.mp3 (11.6 MB)
010-06-Red Norvo - NRC Jump.mp3 (11.39 MB)
010-07-Red Norvo - Lagwood Walk.mp3 (11.76 MB)
010-08-Red Norvo - Red Dust.mp3 (11.15 MB)
010-09-Red Norvo - Blues Skies.mp3 (10.82 MB)
010-10-Red Norvo - Purple Feathers.mp3 (11 MB)
011-01-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-What's The Matter Now.mp3 (6.28 MB)
011-02-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-I Want Every Bit Of It.mp3 (6.77 MB)
011-03-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-That's The Blues.mp3 (6.84 MB)
011-04-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-4-F Blues.mp3 (5.31 MB)
011-05-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-G.I. Blues.mp3 (6.04 MB)
011-06-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Dream Of You.mp3 (6.63 MB)
011-07-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Seventh Avenue.mp3 (6.7 MB)
011-08-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Sorta Kinda.mp3 (7.03 MB)
011-09-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Oh, Oh, My, My, Ooh, Ooh.mp3 (6.49 MB)
011-10-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Groovin' High.mp3 (6.23 MB)
001-01-Fletcher Henderson-Oh, It Looks Like Rain.mp3 (5.81 MB)
001-02-Fletcher Henderson-sweet Music.mp3 (7.33 MB)
001-03-Fletcher Henderson-My Sweet Tootf Says I Wanna (But My Wisdom Says No).mp3 (7.11 MB)
001-04-Fletcher Henderson-Malinda's Wedding Day.mp3 (6.18 MB)
001-05-Fletcher Henderson-You Rascal You (1).mp3 (7.26 MB)
001-06-Fletcher Henderson-You Rascal You (2).mp3 (7.19 MB)
001-07-Fletcher Henderson-Blue Rhythm (1).mp3 (6.55 MB)
001-08-Fletcher Henderson-Blue Rhythm (2).mp3 (6.6 MB)
001-09-Fletcher Henderson-Sugarfoot Stomp.mp3 (6.72 MB)
001-10-Fletcher Henderson-Low Down On The Bayou.mp3 (6.86 MB)
002-01-Fletcher Henderson-Casa Loma Stomp.mp3 (7.31 MB)
002-02-Fletcher Henderson-Blue Moments.mp3 (6.54 MB)
002-03-Fletcher Henderson-How Am I Doin', Hey Hey.mp3 (7.33 MB)
002-04-Fletcher Henderson-Goodbye Blues.mp3 (7.02 MB)
002-05-Fletcher Henderson-Honeysuckle Rose.mp3 (7.31 MB)
002-06-Fletcher Henderson-New King Porter Stomp.mp3 (7.16 MB)
002-07-Fletcher Henderson-Underneath The Harlem Moon.mp3 (7.43 MB)
002-08-Fletcher Henderson-Yeah Man!.mp3 (6.65 MB)
002-09-Fletcher Henderson-King Porter Stomp.mp3 (6.68 MB)
002-10-Fletcher Henderson-Queer Notions (1).mp3 (6.44 MB)
003-01-Fletcher Henderson-Hocus Pocus (1).mp3 (7.45 MB)
003-02-Fletcher Henderson-Hocus Pocus (2).mp3 (7.46 MB)
003-03-Fletcher Henderson-Phantom Fantasy.mp3 (7.45 MB)
003-04-Fletcher Henderson-Harlem Madness.mp3 (8.01 MB)
003-05-Fletcher Henderson-Tidal Wave (1).mp3 (6.99 MB)
003-06-Fletcher Henderson-Limehouse Blues.mp3 (6.01 MB)
003-07-Fletcher Henderson-Shanghai Shuffle.mp3 (7.02 MB)
003-08-Fletcher Henderson-Big John's Special.mp3 (6.48 MB)
003-09-Fletcher Henderson-Happy As The Day Is Long.mp3 (6.36 MB)
003-10-Fletcher Henderson-Tidal Wave (2).mp3 (7.01 MB)
004-01-Fletcher Henderson-I'm A Fool For Lovin' You.mp3 (6.03 MB)
004-02-Fletcher Henderson-Moonrise On The Lowlands.mp3 (6.21 MB)
004-03-Fletcher Henderson-I'll Always Be In Love With You.mp3 (6.94 MB)
004-04-Fletcher Henderson-Jangled Nerves (Jungled Nerves).mp3 (5.93 MB)
004-05-Fletcher Henderson-Where There's You There's Me.mp3 (5.64 MB)
004-06-Fletcher Henderson-Do You Or Don't You Love Me.mp3 (6.95 MB)
004-07-Fletcher Henderson-Grand Terrace Rhythm.mp3 (6.22 MB)
004-08-Fletcher Henderson-Riffin'.mp3 (5.45 MB)
004-09-Fletcher Henderson-Mary Had A Little Lamb.mp3 (6.46 MB)
004-10-Fletcher Henderson-Shoe Shine Boy.mp3 (8.12 MB)
005-01-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Stampede.mp3 (7.16 MB)
005-02-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Back in Your Own backyard.mp3 (5.83 MB)
005-03-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Rose Room (In Sunny Roseland).mp3 (6.85 MB)
005-04-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Great Caesar's Ghost.mp3 (5.45 MB)
005-05-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-If You Ever Should Leave.mp3 (6.92 MB)
005-06-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Posin'.mp3 (6.34 MB)
005-07-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-All God's Chillun Got Rhythm.mp3 (6.18 MB)
005-08-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Chris and his Gang.mp3 (7.01 MB)
005-09-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Let 'er Go.mp3 (5.62 MB)
005-10-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Worried Over You.mp3 (7.44 MB)
006-01-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Trouble, Why Pick on Me.mp3 (6.43 MB)
006-02-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Shakin' the African.mp3 (6.53 MB)
006-03-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Chant of the Weed.mp3 (7.44 MB)
006-04-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Chant of the Weed.mp3 (7.42 MB)
006-05-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Shakin' the African.mp3 (6.15 MB)
006-06-Don Redman and his Orchestra-I Heard.mp3 (7.42 MB)
006-07-Don Redman and his Orchestra-How'm I Doin'.mp3 (6.63 MB)
006-08-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Try Getting a Good Night's Sleep.mp3 (6.78 MB)
006-09-Don Redman and his Connie's Inn Orchestra-Chant of the Weed.mp3 (7.46 MB)
006-10-Don Redman and his Connie's Inn Orchestra-I Heard.mp3 (7.56 MB)
007-01-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Underneath the Harlem Moon.mp3 (7.03 MB)
007-02-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Ain't I the Lucky One.mp3 (6.15 MB)
007-03-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Doin' What I Please.mp3 (6.49 MB)
007-04-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Nagasaki.mp3 (7 MB)
007-05-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Doin' the New Low-Down.mp3 (5.71 MB)
007-06-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Doin' the New Low-Down.mp3 (7.04 MB)
007-07-Don Redman and his Orchestra-How Ya Feelin'.mp3 (6.82 MB)
007-08-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Shuffle Your Feet Bandanna Babies.mp3 (6.31 MB)
007-09-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Mommy, I Don't Want to Go to Bed.mp3 (7.24 MB)
007-10-Don Redman and his Orchestra-How Can I Hi-De-Hi (When I Feel so Low-De-Low).mp3 (7.45 MB)
008-01-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Our Big Love Scene.mp3 (6.6 MB)
008-02-Don Redman and his Orchestra-After Sundown.mp3 (6.69 MB)
008-03-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Puddin' Head Jones.mp3 (6.57 MB)
008-04-Don Redman and his Orchestra-My Old Man.mp3 (6.87 MB)
008-05-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Tired of it All.mp3 (7.09 MB)
008-06-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Keep on Doin' What you're Doin'.mp3 (6.49 MB)
008-07-Don Redman and his Orchestra-I Wanna Be Loved.mp3 (6.77 MB)
008-08-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Got the Jitters.mp3 (6.7 MB)
008-09-Cahn Chaplin Orchestra-Christopher Columbus.mp3 (5.67 MB)
008-10-Don Redman and his Orchestra-A Little Bit Later On.mp3 (5.7 MB)
009-01-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Eerie Moan.mp3 (7.2 MB)
009-02-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Merry-Go-Round.mp3 (6.52 MB)
009-03-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Merry-Go-Round.mp3 (6.52 MB)
009-04-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Sophisticated Lady.mp3 (8.36 MB)
009-05-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-I've Got the World on a String.mp3 (7.54 MB)
009-06-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Down a Carolina Lane.mp3 (6.97 MB)
009-07-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Slippery Horn.mp3 (6.91 MB)
009-08-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Black Bird Medley Part 1.mp3 (7 MB)
009-09-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Black Bird Medley Part 2.mp3 (6.91 MB)
009-10-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Drop Me Off in Harlem.mp3 (6.8 MB)
010-01-Duke Ellington-Delta Serenade.mp3 (7.53 MB)
010-02-Duke Ellington-Stompy Jones.mp3 (7 MB)
010-03-Duke Ellington-Solitude (1).mp3 (7.88 MB)
010-04-Duke Ellington-Blue Feeling.mp3 (7.35 MB)
010-05-Duke Ellington-Solitude (2).mp3 (7.38 MB)
010-06-Duke Ellington-Saddest Tale.mp3 (7.62 MB)
010-07-Duke Ellington-Moonglow.mp3 (7.13 MB)
010-08-Duke Ellington-Sump 'n' Bout Rhythm.mp3 (6.06 MB)
010-09-Duke Ellington-Admiration.mp3 (5.99 MB)
010-10-Duke Ellington-Farewell Blues.mp3 (5.51 MB)
011-01-Duke Ellington-Clarinet Lament (Barney's Concerto).mp3 (7.29 MB)
011-02-Duke Ellington-Echoes Of Harlem (Cootie's Concerto).mp3 (6.95 MB)
011-03-Duke Ellington-Shoe Shine Boy.mp3 (7.46 MB)
011-04-Duke Ellington-It Was A Sad Night In Harlem.mp3 (7.15 MB)
011-05-Duke Ellington-Trumpet In Spades (Rex's Concerto).mp3 (7.32 MB)
011-06-Duke Ellington-Yearning For Love (Lawrence's Concerto).mp3 (6.78 MB)
011-07-Duke Ellington-In A Jam.mp3 (6.87 MB)
011-08-Duke Ellington-Exposition Swing.mp3 (7.34 MB)
011-09-Duke Ellington-Uptown Downbeat (Blackout).mp3 (7.8 MB)
011-10-Duke Ellington-Scattin' At The Cotton Club.mp3 (7.61 MB)
001-01-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Darktown Strutters' Ball (Brooks).mp3 (6.74 MB)
001-02-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Darktown Strutters' Ball (Brooks).mp3 (6.99 MB)
001-03-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Indiana (McDonald - Hanley).mp3 (8.16 MB)
001-04-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Indiana (McDonald - Hanley).mp3 (7.62 MB)
001-05-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Livery Stable Blues (ODJB).mp3 (7.21 MB)
001-06-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Dixie Jass Band One-Step (ODJB).mp3 (6.04 MB)
001-07-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Barnyard Blues (ODJB).mp3 (9.04 MB)
001-08-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Ostrich Walk (ODJB).mp3 (7.27 MB)
001-09-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Tiger Rag (ODJB).mp3 (7.24 MB)
001-10-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-At The Jazz Band Ball (LaRocca - Shields).mp3 (6.32 MB)
002-01-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Barnyard Blues (Livery Stable Blues) (ODJB).mp3 (6.94 MB)
002-02-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-At The Jazz Band Ball (LaRocca - Shields).mp3 (6.33 MB)
002-03-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Ostrich Walk (ODJB).mp3 (7.44 MB)
002-04-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Sensation Rag (Edwards).mp3 (6.7 MB)
002-05-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Look At 'Em Doing It (Shields).mp3 (8.35 MB)
002-06-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Tiger Rag (ODJB).mp3 (8.34 MB)
002-07-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Satanic Blues (Shields-Christian).mp3 (8.78 MB)
002-08-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-'Lasses Candy (LaRocca).mp3 (9.41 MB)
002-09-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-My Baby's Arms (Tierney- McCarthy).mp3 (9.13 MB)
002-10-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Tell Me (Kortlander).mp3 (8.92 MB)
003-01-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Just Gone (Oliver - Johnson).mp3 (6.19 MB)
003-02-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Canal Street Blues (Oliver-Armstrong).mp3 (5.88 MB)
003-03-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Mandy Lee Blues (Bloom - Melrose).mp3 (5.06 MB)
003-04-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-I'm Going Away To Wear You Off My Mind (Smith).mp3 (6.66 MB)
003-05-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Chimes Blues (Oliver).mp3 (6.59 MB)
003-06-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Weather Bird Rag (Armstrong).mp3 (6.2 MB)
003-07-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Dippermouth Blues (Oliver-Armstrong).mp3 (5.86 MB)
003-08-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Froggie Moore (Spike - Spike- Morton).mp3 (7.09 MB)
003-09-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Snake Rag (Take 1) (Oliver - Piron).mp3 (6.96 MB)
003-10-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Snake Rag (Take 2) (Oliver - Piron).mp3 (7.6 MB)
004-01-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Chattanooga Stomp.mp3 (6.95 MB)
004-02-King Oliver's Jazz Band-London Cafe Blues.mp3 (6.36 MB)
004-03-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Camp Meeting Blues.mp3 (6.87 MB)
004-04-King Oliver's Jazz Band-New Orleans Stomp.mp3 (6.78 MB)
004-05-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Buddy's Habit.mp3 (7.09 MB)
004-06-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Tears.mp3 (7.36 MB)
004-07-King Oliver's Jazz Band-I Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody.mp3 (7.47 MB)
004-08-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Room Rent Blues.mp3 (6.55 MB)
004-09-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Riverside Blues.mp3 (6.64 MB)
004-10-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Sweet Baby Doll.mp3 (6.73 MB)
005-01-Friars Society Orchestra-Eccentric.mp3 (6.56 MB)
005-02-Friars Society Orchestra-Farewell Blues.mp3 (5.93 MB)
005-03-Friars Society Orchestra-Discontented Blues.mp3 (6.03 MB)
005-04-Friars Society Orchestra-Bugle Call Blues.mp3 (5.27 MB)
005-05-Friars Society Orchestra-Panama.mp3 (5.94 MB)
005-06-Friars Society Orchestra-Tiger Rag.mp3 (5.58 MB)
005-07-Friars Society Orchestra-Livery Stable Blues.mp3 (5.62 MB)
005-08-Friars Society Orchestra-Oriental.mp3 (5.9 MB)
005-09-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Sweet Lovin' Man.mp3 (5.75 MB)
005-10-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Sweet Lovin' Man.mp3 (5.73 MB)
006-01-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Sobbin's Blues.mp3 (6.34 MB)
006-02-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Marguerite.mp3 (7.12 MB)
006-03-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Angry.mp3 (6.59 MB)
006-04-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Angry.mp3 (6.53 MB)
006-05-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Clarinet Marmelade.mp3 (5.8 MB)
006-06-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Clarinet Marmelade.mp3 (6.05 MB)
006-07-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Mr. Jelly Lord.mp3 (7.24 MB)
006-08-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Mr. Jelly Lord.mp3 (6.97 MB)
006-09-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-London Blues.mp3 (6.4 MB)
006-10-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Milenberg Joys.mp3 (6.44 MB)
007-01-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-Panama.mp3 (6.35 MB)
007-02-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-Nobody Knows Blues.mp3 (7.04 MB)
007-03-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-New Orleans Blues.mp3 (7.04 MB)
007-04-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-The Swing.mp3 (7.04 MB)
007-05-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-Brown Eyes.mp3 (6.5 MB)
007-06-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-Number Two Blues.mp3 (6.99 MB)
007-07-Fate Marable's Society Syncopators-Frankie and Johnny.mp3 (6.35 MB)
007-08-Fate Marable's Society Syncopators-Pianoflage.mp3 (7.43 MB)
007-09-Johnny Bayersdorffer and His Jazzola Novelty Orchestra-Sensation Rag.mp3 (6.59 MB)
007-10-Johnny Bayersdorffer and His Jazzola Novelty Orchestra-Christine.mp3 (7.19 MB)
008-01-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Big Foot Ham.mp3 (7.17 MB)
008-02-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Big Fot Ham.mp3 (6.73 MB)
008-03-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Muddy Water Blues.mp3 (6.99 MB)
008-04-Jelly Roll Morton's Jazz Band-Some Day Sweetheart.mp3 (7.21 MB)
008-05-Jelly Roll Morton's Jazz Band-London Blues.mp3 (7.48 MB)
008-06-Jelly Roll Morton's Steamboat Four-Mr. Jelly Lord.mp3 (6.71 MB)
008-07-Jelly Roll Morton's Stomp Kings or Jazz Kids-Steady Roll.mp3 (6.15 MB)
008-08-Jelly Roll Morton's Kings o Jazz-Fish Tail Blues.mp3 (7.23 MB)
008-09-Jelly Roll Morton's Kings o Jazz-High Society.mp3 (7.77 MB)
008-10-Jelly Roll Morton's Kings o Jazz-Weary Blues.mp3 (6.55 MB)
009-01-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Someday Sweetheart.mp3 (8.16 MB)
009-02-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Someday Sweetheart.mp3 (8.18 MB)
009-03-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Gradpa's Pells.mp3 (6.79 MB)
009-04-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Grandpa's Spells.mp3 (6.74 MB)
009-05-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Original Jelly Roll Blues.mp3 (7.04 MB)
009-06-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Original Jelly Roll Blues.mp3 (7.24 MB)
009-07-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Dr. Jazz.mp3 (7.91 MB)
009-08-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Cannon Ball Bllues.mp3 (6.75 MB)
009-09-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Cannon Ball Blues.mp3 (8.21 MB)
009-10-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Hyena Stomp.mp3 (7.15 MB)
010-01-levee Serenaders-Midnight Mama.mp3 (6.34 MB)
010-02-levee Serenaders-Mr. Jelly Lord.mp3 (6.85 MB)
010-03-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Georgia Swing.mp3 (5.74 MB)
010-04-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Kansas City.mp3 (6.62 MB)
010-05-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Shoe Shiner's Drag.mp3 (7.64 MB)
010-06-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Boogaboo.mp3 (7.67 MB)
010-07-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Shreveport.mp3 (7.5 MB)
010-08-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Shreveport.mp3 (7.45 MB)
010-09-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Mournful Serenade.mp3 (7.92 MB)
010-10-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Red ot Pepper.mp3 (7.24 MB)
011-01-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Manda.mp3 (7.5 MB)
011-02-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Go Long, Mule.mp3 (7.2 MB)
011-03-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Tell Me, Dreamy Eyes.mp3 (7.23 MB)
011-04-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-My Rose Marir.mp3 (6.59 MB)
011-05-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Don't Forget, You'll Regret Day By Day.mp3 (7.5 MB)
011-06-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Shanghai Shuffle.mp3 (7.81 MB)
011-07-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Texas Moaner Blues.mp3 (7.26 MB)
011-08-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Early In The Morning.mp3 (6.97 MB)
011-09-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-You've Got The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole.mp3 (7.78 MB)
011-10-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Words.mp3 (7.12 MB)
001-01-Miles Davis All-Stars-Tasty Pudding.mp3 (7.79 MB)
001-02-Miles Davis All-Stars-Willie The Wailer.mp3 (10.26 MB)
001-03-Miles Davis All-Stars-Floppy.mp3 (13.88 MB)
001-04-Miles Davis All-Stars-For Adults Only.mp3 (12.85 MB)
001-05-Miles Davis Quartet-When Lights Are Low.mp3 (7.95 MB)
001-06-Miles Davis Quartet-Tune Up.mp3 (8.88 MB)
001-07-Miles Davis Quartet-Miles Ahead.mp3 (10.34 MB)
001-08-Miles Davis Quartet-Smooch.mp3 (7.14 MB)
001-09-Miles Davis Quartet-Four.mp3 (9.3 MB)
001-10-Miles Davis Quartet-Old Devil Moon.mp3 (7.82 MB)
002-01-Miles Davis All-Stars-Kelo.mp3 (7.59 MB)
002-02-Miles Davis All-Stars-Enigma.mp3 (7.78 MB)
002-03-Miles Davis All-Stars-Ray's Idea.mp3 (8.59 MB)
002-04-Miles Davis All-Stars-Ray's Idea.mp3 (8.86 MB)
002-05-Miles Davis All-Stars-Tempus Fugit.mp3 (8.85 MB)
002-06-Miles Davis All-Stars-Tempus Fugit.mp3 (9.16 MB)
002-07-Miles Davis All-Stars-C.T.A..mp3 (8.18 MB)
002-08-Miles Davis All-Stars-C.T.A.mp3 (7.51 MB)
002-09-Miles Davis All-Stars-I Waited For You.mp3 (8.06 MB)
002-10-Miles Davis Quartet-Tak Off.mp3 (8.42 MB)
003-01-Miles Davis-Bag's Groove.mp3 (25.77 MB)
003-02-Miles Davis-Bag's Groove.mp3 (21.6 MB)
003-03-Miles Davis-Bemsha Swing.mp3 (21.8 MB)
003-04-Miles Davis-Swing Spring.mp3 (24.69 MB)
003-05-Miles Davis-The Man I Love.mp3 (18.67 MB)
003-06-Miles Davis-The Man I Love.mp3 (18.31 MB)
004-01-Miles Davis Quintet-Ah-Leu-Cha.mp3 (13.42 MB)
004-02-Miles Davis Quintet-Stablemates.mp3 (12.26 MB)
004-03-Miles Davis Quintet-Hom Am I To Know.mp3 (10.68 MB)
004-04-Miles Davis Quintet-Just Squeeze Me.mp3 (17.08 MB)
004-05-Miles Davis Quintet-There Is No Greater Love.mp3 (12.18 MB)
004-06-Miles Davis Quintet-Theme (The Theme).mp3 (13.33 MB)
004-07-Miles Davis Quintet-S'posin'.mp3 (12.02 MB)
004-08-Miles Davis Quintet-Dear Old Stockholm.mp3 (17.97 MB)
004-09-Miles Davis Quintet-Bye Bye Birdie.mp3 (18.13 MB)
004-10-Miles Davis Quintet-Tadd's Delight.mp3 (10.25 MB)
005-01-Dave Brubeck-These Foolish Things.mp3 (15.08 MB)
005-02-Dave Brubeck-Perdido.mp3 (18.07 MB)
005-03-Dave Brubeck-Stardust.mp3 (14.98 MB)
005-04-Dave Brubeck-The Way You Look Tonight.mp3 (17.75 MB)
005-05-Dave Brubeck-How High The Moon.mp3 (20.78 MB)
005-06-Dave Brubeck-Lullaby In Rhythm.mp3 (16.99 MB)
005-07-Dave Brubeck-I'll Never Smile Again.mp3 (12.63 MB)
005-08-Dave Brubeck-Laura.mp3 (7.42 MB)
005-09-Dave Brubeck-All The Things You Are.mp3 (21.16 MB)
006-01-Dave Brubeck Quartet-For All We Know.mp3 (13.45 MB)
006-02-Dave Brubeck Quartet-I Remember You.mp3 (21.12 MB)
006-03-Dave Brubeck Quartet-Out of Nowhere.mp3 (18.57 MB)
006-04-Dave Brubeck Quartet-Le Souk.mp3 (10.6 MB)
006-05-Dave Brubeck Quartet-Balcony Rack.mp3 (27.37 MB)
006-06-Dave Brubeck Quartet-Take the 'A' Train.mp3 (14.22 MB)
006-07-Dave Brubeck Quartet-The Song is You.mp3 (12.94 MB)
006-08-Dave Brubeck Quartet-I Want to be Happy.mp3 (15.18 MB)
006-09-Dave Brubeck Quartet-Don't Worry 'Bout Me.mp3 (20.2 MB)
007-01-Lee Konitz-Indiana.mp3 (12.29 MB)
007-02-Lee Konitz-Star Eyes.mp3 (12.24 MB)
007-03-Lee Konitz-Nesuhi's Instant.mp3 (11.73 MB)
007-04-Lee Konitz-All Of Me.mp3 (11.81 MB)
007-05-Lee Konitz-Sweet And Lovely.mp3 (9.24 MB)
007-06-Lee Konitz-Everything Happens To Me.mp3 (10.26 MB)
007-07-Lee Konitz-Kary's Trance.mp3 (14.04 MB)
008-15-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Rocker.mp3 (5.68 MB)
008-16-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Lover Man.mp3 (7.06 MB)
008-17-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Sextett.mp3 (6.93 MB)
008-18-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Taking A Chance On Love.mp3 (6.56 MB)
008-19-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Flash.mp3 (7.05 MB)
008-20-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Simbah.mp3 (6.84 MB)
008-21-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Ontet.mp3 (7.48 MB)
008-22-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Broadway.mp3 (6.74 MB)
008-23-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Almost Like Being In Love.mp3 (6.81 MB)
008-24-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-I'll Remember April.mp3 (9.69 MB)
008-25-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-All The Things You Are.mp3 (8.86 MB)
009-01-Tony Scott Quintet-I Remember You.mp3 (8.09 MB)
009-02-Tony Scott Quintet-Lullaby Of The Leaves.mp3 (20.56 MB)
009-03-Tony Scott Quintet-The Chant.mp3 (8.31 MB)
009-04-Tony Scott Quintet-Portrait Of Ravi.mp3 (10.09 MB)
009-05-Tony Scott Quintet-I Can’t Get Started.mp3 (15.95 MB)
009-06-Tony Scott Quintet-The Explorer.mp3 (15.03 MB)
009-07-Tony Scott Quintet-Third Moon.mp3 (17.58 MB)
009-08-Tony Scott Quintet-Five.mp3 (17.84 MB)
009-09-Tony Scott Quintet-Blues For Three Horns.mp3 (14.29 MB)
009-10-Tony Scott Quintet-There Will Never Be Another You.mp3 (10.59 MB)
010-01-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Too Marvelous For Words.mp3 (8.22 MB)
010-02-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Jay.mp3 (8.44 MB)
010-03-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Old Devil Moon.mp3 (8.86 MB)
010-04-J. J. Johnson Quintet-It's You Or No One.mp3 (9.39 MB)
010-05-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Time After Time.mp3 (9.64 MB)
010-06-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Coffee Pot.mp3 (9.47 MB)
010-07-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Daylie Double.mp3 (10.17 MB)
010-08-J. J. Johnson Quintet-You're Mine, You.mp3 (7.17 MB)
010-09-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Pennies From Heaven.mp3 (10.15 MB)
010-10-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Groovin'.mp3 (10.72 MB)
011-01-Lennie Tristano-Line Up.mp3 (8.14 MB)
011-02-Lennie Tristano-Requiem.mp3 (11.19 MB)
011-03-Lennie Tristano-Turkish Mambo.mp3 (8.39 MB)
011-04-Lennie Tristano-East Thirty-Second Street.mp3 (10.43 MB)
011-05-Lennie Tristano-These Foolish Things.mp3 (13.19 MB)
011-06-Lennie Tristano-You Go To My Head.mp3 (12.29 MB)
011-07-Lennie Tristano-All The Things You Are.mp3 (14.28 MB)
011-08-Lennie Tristano-Ghost Of A Chance.mp3 (13.98 MB)
011-09-Lennie Tristano-If I Had You.mp3 (14.81 MB)
001-01-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-The River's Takin' Care Of Me.mp3 (6.13 MB)
001-02-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Ain't Cha Got Music.mp3 (6.45 MB)
001-03-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Stringin' Along On A Shoe String.mp3 (6.42 MB)
001-04-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Shadows On The Swanee.mp3 (6.29 MB)
001-05-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Hush My Mouth.mp3 (7.02 MB)
001-06-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-You're Gonna Lose Your Gal.mp3 (6.95 MB)
001-07-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Dark Clouds.mp3 (6.98 MB)
001-08-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-My Galveston Gal.mp3 (6.96 MB)
001-09-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-I Wish I Were Twins.mp3 (6.29 MB)
001-10-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-I Never Slept A Wink Last Night.mp3 (6.71 MB)
002-01-Leon Berry-Now You're Talking My Language.mp3 (6.85 MB)
002-02-Leon Berry-Indiana (1).mp3 (6.52 MB)
002-03-Leon Berry-Indiana (2).mp3 (6.47 MB)
002-04-Leon Berry-Too Marvelous For Words.mp3 (6.81 MB)
002-05-Leon Berry-Limehouse Blues.mp3 (6.77 MB)
002-06-Leon Berry-Chuberry Jam.mp3 (5.41 MB)
002-07-Leon Berry-Maelstrom.mp3 (6.57 MB)
002-08-Leon Berry-My Secret Love Affair.mp3 (6.7 MB)
002-09-Leon Berry-Ebb Tide.mp3 (6.52 MB)
002-10-Leon Berry-Annie Laurie.mp3 (6.54 MB)
003-01-Leon Berry-Downright Disgusted Blues.mp3 (5.62 MB)
003-02-Leon Berry-Corrine Corrina.mp3 (5.12 MB)
003-03-Leon Berry-I'm Real Kinda Papa.mp3 (6.53 MB)
003-04-Leon Berry-Jumpy Nerves.mp3 (6.45 MB)
003-05-Leon Berry-Casey Jones.mp3 (5.2 MB)
003-06-Leon Berry-Boogie Woogie.mp3 (5.79 MB)
003-07-Leon Berry-Royal Garden Blues.mp3 (5.93 MB)
003-08-Leon Berry-Beale Street Blues.mp3 (5.57 MB)
003-09-Leon Berry-In The Barrel.mp3 (5.65 MB)
003-10-Leon Berry-Farewell Blues.mp3 (6.06 MB)
004-01-Benny Carter-The Moon Is Low.mp3 (6.56 MB)
004-02-Benny Carter-Stairway To The Stars.mp3 (7.27 MB)
004-03-Benny Carter-Bye Bye Blues.mp3 (6.37 MB)
004-04-Benny Carter-I Don't Know Why I Love You, Like I Do.mp3 (7.16 MB)
004-05-Benny Carter-Isn't It Romantic.mp3 (8.5 MB)
004-06-Benny Carter-Some Other Spring.mp3 (8.69 MB)
004-07-Benny Carter-These Things You Left Me.mp3 (8.42 MB)
004-08-Benny Carter-Gone With the Wind.mp3 (6.79 MB)
004-09-Benny Carter-I Got It Bad.mp3 (6.65 MB)
004-10-Benny Carter-Long Ago (And Far Away).mp3 (7.09 MB)
005-01-Benny Carter-Moonglow.mp3 (6.37 MB)
005-02-Benny Carter-My One And Only Love.mp3 (8.96 MB)
005-03-Benny Carter-Our Love Is Here To Stay.mp3 (8.34 MB)
005-04-Benny Carter-This Can't Be Love.mp3 (7.86 MB)
005-05-Benny Carter-Tenderly.mp3 (8.41 MB)
005-06-Benny Carter-Unforgettable.mp3 (7.78 MB)
005-07-Benny Carter-Ruby.mp3 (10.52 MB)
005-08-Benny Carter-Moon Song.mp3 (9.12 MB)
005-09-Benny Carter-Laura.mp3 (17.63 MB)
005-10-Benny Carter-That Old Black Magic.mp3 (15.55 MB)
006-01-Art Tatum-My Blue Heaven.mp3 (9.27 MB)
006-02-Art Tatum-Blues in B Flat.mp3 (13.22 MB)
006-03-Art Tatum-Blues in C.mp3 (18.5 MB)
006-04-Art Tatum-A Foggy Day.mp3 (12.55 MB)
006-05-Art Tatum-(I'm Left with the) Blues in My Heart.mp3 (13.68 MB)
006-06-Art Tatum-Street of Dreams.mp3 (8.85 MB)
006-07-Art Tatum-Idaho.mp3 (9.73 MB)
006-08-Art Tatum-You're Mine, You.mp3 (11.9 MB)
006-09-Art Tatum-Undecided.mp3 (11.18 MB)
006-10-Art Tatum-Under a Blanket of Blue.mp3 (14.36 MB)
007-01-Charlie Christian-Flying Home.mp3 (7.41 MB)
007-02-Charlie Christian-Rose Room (In Sunny Roseland).mp3 (6.45 MB)
007-03-Charlie Christian-Star Dust.mp3 (7.48 MB)
007-04-Charlie Christian-Homeward Bound (Flying Home).mp3 (7.52 MB)
007-05-Charlie Christian-Memories Of You.mp3 (7.34 MB)
007-06-Charlie Christian-Soft Winds.mp3 (5.67 MB)
007-07-Charlie Christian-Seven Come Eleven.mp3 (6.42 MB)
007-08-Charlie Christian-Honeysuckle Rose.mp3 (7.04 MB)
007-09-Charlie Christian-Shivers.mp3 (6.47 MB)
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