100%NL: Vengeance Sound Library: 2016: Part03

Updated: 29-May-2022
100%NL: Vengeance Sound Library: 2016: Part03
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VDUB1 Percussion 004.wav (5.43 KB)
VDUB1 Percussion 078.wav (8.58 KB)
VDUB1 Percussion 105.wav (9.31 KB)
VDUB1 Percussion 040.wav (10.54 KB)
VDUB1 Percussion 097.wav (10.88 KB)
VDUB1 Percussion 080.wav (11.1 KB)
VDUB1 Percussion 081.wav (12.21 KB)
VDUB1 Percussion 036.wav (13.25 KB)
VDUB1 Percussion 106.wav (13.81 KB)
VDUB1 Percussion 027.wav (13.84 KB)
VDUB1 CL Hihat 023.wav (8.96 KB)
VDUB1 CL Hihat 006.wav (14.66 KB)
VDUB1 CL Hihat 005.wav (14.85 KB)
VDUB1 CL Hihat 026.wav (15 KB)
VDUB1 CL Hihat 029.wav (15.29 KB)
VDUB1 CL Hihat 012.wav (16.21 KB)
VDUB1 CL Hihat 008.wav (16.4 KB)
VDUB1 CL Hihat 014.wav (17.63 KB)
VDUB1 CL Hihat 017.wav (18.08 KB)
VDUB1 CL Hihat 024.wav (19.53 KB)
VDUB1 OP Hihat 004.wav (18.84 KB)
VDUB1 OP Hihat 005.wav (21.64 KB)
VDUB1 OP Hihat 050.wav (22.99 KB)
VDUB1 OP Hihat 021.wav (33.16 KB)
VDUB1 OP Hihat 006.wav (36.68 KB)
VDUB1 OP Hihat 051.wav (38.18 KB)
VDUB1 OP Hihat 100.wav (39.47 KB)
VDUB1 OP Hihat 018.wav (39.79 KB)
VDUB1 OP Hihat 042.wav (40.1 KB)
VDUB1 Ride 20.wav (36.97 KB)
VDUB1 Ride 18.wav (37.19 KB)
VDUB1 Ride 28.wav (37.67 KB)
VDUB1 Short FX 129.wav (15.42 KB)
VDUB1 Short FX 037.wav (18.18 KB)
VDUB1 Short FX 003.wav (21.95 KB)
VDUB1 Short FX 136.wav (26.74 KB)
VDUB1 Short FX 063.wav (36.36 KB)
VDUB1 Short FX 139.wav (36.74 KB)
VDUB1 Short FX 002.wav (37.34 KB)
VDUB1 Short FX 039.wav (37.98 KB)
VDUB1 Clap 004.wav (16.67 KB)
VDUB1 Clap 018.wav (18.69 KB)
VDUB1 Clap 017.wav (26.72 KB)
VDUB1 Clap 041.wav (28.64 KB)
VDUB1 Clap 005.wav (30.22 KB)
VDUB1 Clap 063.wav (36.94 KB)
VDUB1 Clap 006.wav (37.14 KB)
VDUB1 Synth Oneshot 253 C.wav (16.76 KB)
VDUB1 Synth Oneshot 073 C.wav (24.65 KB)
VDUB1 Synth Oneshot 295 C.wav (30.57 KB)
VDUB1 Synth Oneshot 250 C.wav (30.96 KB)
VDUB1 Synth Oneshot 028 C.wav (31.15 KB)
VDUB1 Synth Oneshot 218 C.wav (31.33 KB)
VDUB1 Synth Oneshot 173 C.wav (31.74 KB)
VDUB1 Synth Oneshot 294 C.wav (32.6 KB)
VDUB1 Synth Oneshot 179 C.wav (33.34 KB)
VDUB1 Synth Oneshot 210 C.wav (33.46 KB)
VDUB1 Kick 267.wav (19.28 KB)
VDUB1 Kick 163.wav (19.62 KB)
VDUB1 Kick 120.wav (21.47 KB)
VDUB1 Kick 229.wav (22.61 KB)
VDUB1 Kick 039.wav (24.09 KB)
VDUB1 Kick 183.wav (25.63 KB)
VDUB1 Kick 083.wav (27.74 KB)
VDUB1 Kick 114.wav (27.89 KB)
VDUB1 Kick 075.wav (28.29 KB)
VDUB1 Kick 074.wav (28.75 KB)
VDUB1 Snare 042.wav (21.48 KB)
VDUB1 Snare 090.wav (23.52 KB)
VDUB1 Snare 076.wav (23.84 KB)
VDUB1 Snare 006.wav (23.96 KB)
VDUB1 Snare 227.wav (26.47 KB)
VDUB1 Snare 007.wav (34.05 KB)
VDUB1 Snare 110.wav (34.58 KB)
VDUB1 Snare 244.wav (34.78 KB)
VDUB1 Snare 003.wav (35.33 KB)
VDUB1 Snare 150.wav (35.67 KB)
VDUB2 Percussion 006.wav (5.49 KB)
VDUB2 Percussion 103.wav (12.58 KB)
VDUB2 Percussion 105.wav (13.5 KB)
VDUB2 Percussion 145.wav (13.87 KB)
VDUB2 Percussion 037.wav (14.59 KB)
VDUB2 Percussion 065.wav (15.05 KB)
VDUB2 Percussion 059.wav (15.54 KB)
VDUB2 Percussion 012.wav (15.83 KB)
VDUB2 Percussion 143.wav (15.94 KB)
VDUB2 Percussion 148.wav (16.82 KB)
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 020.wav (9.16 KB)
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 019.wav (9.8 KB)
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 004.wav (9.92 KB)
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 024.wav (10.83 KB)
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 006.wav (11.98 KB)
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 041.wav (13.61 KB)
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 074.wav (14.08 KB)
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 036.wav (14.51 KB)
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 055.wav (14.62 KB)
VDUB2 Closed Hihat 123.wav (15.33 KB)
VDUB2 Open Hihat 067.wav (18.41 KB)
VDUB2 Open Hihat 096.wav (22.77 KB)
VDUB2 Open Hihat 009.wav (24.19 KB)
VDUB2 Open Hihat 082.wav (29.78 KB)
VDUB2 Open Hihat 035.wav (31.79 KB)
VDUB2 Open Hihat 045.wav (33.24 KB)
VDUB2 Open Hihat 073.wav (34.78 KB)
VDUB2 Open Hihat 070.wav (35.7 KB)
VDUB2 Open Hihat 095.wav (35.71 KB)
VDUB2 Open Hihat 094.wav (37.63 KB)
VDUB2 Short FX084.wav (13.98 KB)
VDUB2 Short FX135.wav (18.78 KB)
VDUB2 Short FX062.wav (30.59 KB)
VDUB2 Short FX116.wav (32.39 KB)
VDUB2 Short FX150.wav (34.54 KB)
VDUB2 Short FX002.wav (34.8 KB)
VDUB2 Short FX089.wav (36.49 KB)
VDUB2 Short FX077.wav (36.68 KB)
VDUB2 Short FX104.wav (37.31 KB)
VDUB2 Synth Oneshot 216 G#.wav (15.72 KB)
VDUB2 Synth Oneshot 156 G#.wav (15.96 KB)
VDUB2 Synth Oneshot 253 A.wav (17.41 KB)
VDUB2 Synth Oneshot 147 G.wav (20.18 KB)
VDUB2 Synth Oneshot 193 G.wav (22.69 KB)
VDUB2 Synth Oneshot 104 C.wav (23.39 KB)
VDUB2 Synth Oneshot 088 C.wav (23.74 KB)
VDUB2 Synth Oneshot 016 C.wav (24.42 KB)
VDUB2 Synth Oneshot 363 A#.wav (26.16 KB)
VDUB2 Synth Oneshot 150 C.wav (27.1 KB)
VDUB2 Snare 254.wav (20.19 KB)
VDUB2 Snare 255.wav (22.34 KB)
VDUB2 Snare 210.wav (24.07 KB)
VDUB2 Snare 298.wav (24.44 KB)
VDUB2 Snare 256.wav (25.62 KB)
VDUB2 Snare 253.wav (26.17 KB)
VDUB2 Snare 171.wav (26.88 KB)
VDUB2 Snare 099.wav (28.67 KB)
VDUB2 Snare 252.wav (28.91 KB)
VDUB2 Snare 098.wav (29.03 KB)
VDUB2 Kick 302.wav (20.98 KB)
VDUB2 Kick 161.wav (22.01 KB)
VDUB2 Kick 181.wav (23.21 KB)
VDUB2 Kick 079.wav (28.19 KB)
VDUB2 Kick 204.wav (29.29 KB)
VDUB2 Kick 071.wav (32.23 KB)
VDUB2 Kick 090.wav (33.05 KB)
VDUB2 Kick 005.wav (33.05 KB)
VDUB2 Kick 008.wav (33.38 KB)
VDUB2 Kick 077.wav (34.18 KB)
VDUB2 Clap 035.wav (22.72 KB)
VDUB2 Clap 014.wav (25.02 KB)
VDUB2 Clap 004.wav (29.46 KB)
VDUB2 Clap 039.wav (38.22 KB)
VEDH Closed Hihat 094.wav (4.25 KB)
VEDH Closed Hihat 138.wav (5.64 KB)
VEDH Closed Hihat 148.wav (6.29 KB)
VEDH Closed Hihat 101.wav (8.11 KB)
VEDH Closed Hihat 011.wav (10.2 KB)
VEDH Closed Hihat 081.wav (10.37 KB)
VEDH Closed Hihat 014.wav (10.86 KB)
VEDH Closed Hihat 006.wav (10.98 KB)
VEDH Closed Hihat 158.wav (11.76 KB)
VEDH Closed Hihat 019.wav (11.88 KB)
VEDH Shaker 014.wav (7.86 KB)
VEDH Shaker 022.wav (11.81 KB)
VEDH Shaker 002.wav (13.08 KB)
VEDH Shaker 026.wav (14.19 KB)
VEDH Shaker 004.wav (15.54 KB)
VEDH Shaker 001.wav (18.1 KB)
VEDH Shaker 024.wav (18.66 KB)
VEDH Shaker 015.wav (20.32 KB)
VEDH Shaker 021.wav (20.42 KB)
VEDH Shaker 003.wav (20.45 KB)
VEDH Open Hihat 085.wav (25.43 KB)
VEDH Open Hihat 115.wav (28.41 KB)
VEDH Open Hihat 084.wav (29.34 KB)
VEDH Open Hihat 106.wav (32.05 KB)
VEDH Open Hihat 096.wav (33.83 KB)
VEDH Open Hihat 088.wav (35.2 KB)
VEDH Open Hihat 078.wav (36 KB)
VEDH Open Hihat 077.wav (36.3 KB)
VEDH Open Hihat 050.wav (36.75 KB)
VEDH Open Hihat 035.wav (36.84 KB)
VEDH Percussion 267.wav (5.32 KB)
VEDH Percussion 063.wav (7.82 KB)
VEDH Percussion 146.wav (8 KB)
VEDH Percussion 225.wav (9.27 KB)
VEDH Percussion 177.wav (9.63 KB)
VEDH Percussion 074.wav (9.76 KB)
VEDH Percussion 007.wav (10.28 KB)
VEDH Percussion 032.wav (11.44 KB)
VEDH Percussion 138.wav (11.76 KB)
VEDH Percussion 241.wav (11.89 KB)
.ds_store (6 KB)
VEDH Synth Cut 166 G.wav (7.29 KB)
VEDH Synth Cut 228 F#.wav (10.48 KB)
VEDH Synth Cut 176 A#.wav (16.92 KB)
VEDH Synth Cut 168 B.wav (17.27 KB)
VEDH Synth Cut 101 F#.wav (21.97 KB)
VEDH Synth Cut 239 G#.wav (24.11 KB)
VEDH Synth Cut 109 D#m.wav (25.09 KB)
VEDH Synth Cut 126 G#.wav (25.71 KB)
VEDH Synth Cut 256 D.wav (26.6 KB)
VEDH Synth Cut 217 A#.wav (26.97 KB)
VEDH Bass Cut 134 C.wav (26.95 KB)
VEDH Bass Cut 080 C.wav (29 KB)
VEDH Bass Cut 118 G#.wav (30.79 KB)
VEDH Bass Cut 099 G#.wav (30.84 KB)
VEDH Bass Cut 089 F.wav (31.34 KB)
VEDH Bass Cut 097 F#.wav (36.76 KB)
VEDH Bass Cut 049 D.wav (38.34 KB)
VEDH Bass Cut 120 G.wav (39.11 KB)
VEDH Bass Cut 047 C#.wav (39.16 KB)
VEDH Bass Cut 026 G#.wav (39.55 KB)
VEDH Snare 036.wav (10 KB)
VEDH Snare 070.wav (12.54 KB)
VEDH Snare 062.wav (12.64 KB)
VEDH Snare 040.wav (13.91 KB)
VEDH Snare 195.wav (14.65 KB)
VEDH Snare 098.wav (14.67 KB)
VEDH Snare 084.wav (14.75 KB)
VEDH Snare 053.wav (14.89 KB)
VEDH Snare 100.wav (14.98 KB)
VEDH Snare 060.wav (15.19 KB)
VEDH Clap 164.wav (14.03 KB)
VEDH Clap 163 -46ms.wav (15.39 KB)
VEDH Clap 049.wav (15.39 KB)
VEDH Clap 001.wav (16.07 KB)
VEDH Clap 046 -14ms.wav (17.28 KB)
VEDH Clap 155 -10ms.wav (18.29 KB)
VEDH Clap 094.wav (19.09 KB)
VEDH Clap 024.wav (19.31 KB)
VEDH Clap 148.wav (20.84 KB)
VEDH Clap 179 -25ms.wav (21.53 KB)
VEDH Bassdrum 064.wav (23.97 KB)
VEDH Bassdrum 036.wav (27.86 KB)
VEDH Bassdrum 145.wav (30.82 KB)
VEDH Bassdrum 188.wav (33.3 KB)
VEDH Bassdrum 161.wav (33.3 KB)
VEDH Bassdrum 003.wav (33.74 KB)
VEDH Bassdrum 072.wav (34.26 KB)
VEDH Bassdrum 092.wav (34.28 KB)
VEDH Bassdrum 152.wav (35.2 KB)
VEDH Bassdrum 029.wav (35.25 KB)
Readme.txt (260 bytes)
VEE Open Hihat 32.wav (3.33 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 88.wav (3.48 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 75.wav (4.68 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 19.wav (6.02 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 01.wav (6.83 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 83.wav (6.94 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 70.wav (7.01 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 78.wav (7.14 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 11.wav (8.28 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 97.wav (10.38 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 130.wav (16.73 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 080.wav (17.37 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 059.wav (17.8 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 054.wav (17.99 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 055.wav (18.21 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 066.wav (18.96 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 062.wav (19.43 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 045.wav (20.3 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 073.wav (20.42 KB)
VEE Open Hihat 001.wav (20.52 KB)
VEE Percussion 186.wav (6.46 KB)
VEE Percussion 189.wav (6.87 KB)
VEE Percussion 135.wav (7.96 KB)
VEE Percussion 030.wav (8.85 KB)
VEE Percussion 156.wav (9.52 KB)
VEE Percussion 063.wav (9.65 KB)
VEE Percussion 103.wav (9.97 KB)
VEE Percussion 036.wav (12.31 KB)
VEE Percussion 246.wav (12.63 KB)
VEE Percussion 070.wav (12.89 KB)
VEE Real Rec 017.wav (6.76 KB)
VEE Real Rec 131.wav (7.2 KB)
VEE Real Rec 121.wav (12.01 KB)
VEE Real Rec 077.wav (13.08 KB)
VEE Real Rec 148.wav (16.82 KB)
VEE Real Rec 039.wav (17.44 KB)
VEE Real Rec 038.wav (18.1 KB)
VEE Real Rec 040.wav (19.02 KB)
VEE Real Rec 116.wav (19.16 KB)
VEE Real Rec 111.wav (19.79 KB)
VEE CLAP 050.wav (12.82 KB)
VEE CLAP 096.wav (13.84 KB)
VEE CLAP 071.wav (18.46 KB)
VEE CLAP 080.wav (18.64 KB)
VEE CLAP 028.wav (19.41 KB)
VEE CLAP 055.wav (19.79 KB)
VEE CLAP 062.wav (19.96 KB)
VEE CLAP 147.wav (20.69 KB)
VEE CLAP 146.wav (20.78 KB)
VEE CLAP 051.wav (20.86 KB)
VEE Synth Sound 141.wav (13.02 KB)
VEE Synth Sound 077.wav (13.48 KB)
VEE Synth Sound 128.wav (13.63 KB)
VEE Synth Sound 062.wav (15.28 KB)
VEE Synth Sound 081.wav (15.55 KB)
VEE Synth Sound 047.wav (18.07 KB)
VEE Synth Sound 150.wav (18.4 KB)
VEE Synth Sound 039.wav (19.04 KB)
VEE Synth Sound 168.wav (20.28 KB)
VEE Synth Sound 126.wav (20.45 KB)
VEE Synth Bass 194.wav (15.05 KB)
VEE Synth Bass 061.wav (17.47 KB)
VEE Synth Bass 148.wav (17.64 KB)
VEE Synth Bass 092.wav (17.83 KB)
VEE Synth Bass 127.wav (19.82 KB)
VEE Synth Bass 157.wav (19.86 KB)
VEE Synth Bass 105.wav (19.87 KB)
VEE Synth Bass 057.wav (20.07 KB)
VEE Synth Bass 075.wav (20.19 KB)
VEE Synth Bass 169.wav (20.21 KB)
VEE Synth Voc 33.wav (19.78 KB)
VEE Synth Voc 10.wav (20.27 KB)
VEE Synth Voc 45.wav (22.77 KB)
VEE Synth Voc 44.wav (23.95 KB)
VEE Synth Voc 07.wav (25.74 KB)
VEE Synth Voc 28.wav (27.19 KB)
VEE Synth Voc 21.wav (28.72 KB)
VEE Synth Voc 02.wav (29.91 KB)
VEE Synth Voc 09.wav (30.2 KB)
VEE Synth Voc 08.wav (30.85 KB)
VEE SNARE 142.wav (14.36 KB)
VEE SNARE 087.wav (15.03 KB)
VEE SNARE 012.wav (17.55 KB)
VEE SNARE 043.wav (18.13 KB)
VEE SNARE 090.wav (18.16 KB)
VEE SNARE 138.wav (18.39 KB)
VEE SNARE 027.wav (19.39 KB)
VEE SNARE 100.wav (19.48 KB)
VEE SNARE 146.wav (19.82 KB)
VEE SNARE 114.wav (20.32 KB)
VEE Bassdrum 052.wav (27.36 KB)
VEE Bassdrum 085.wav (30.29 KB)
VEE Bassdrum 168.wav (30.57 KB)
VEE Bassdrum 191.wav (30.57 KB)
VEE Bassdrum 128.wav (37.46 KB)
VEE Bassdrum 149.wav (37.84 KB)
VEE Bassdrum 237.wav (38.16 KB)
VEE Bassdrum 057.wav (38.3 KB)
VEE Bassdrum 163.wav (38.33 KB)
VEE Bassdrum 042.wav (38.71 KB)
VEE FX 115.wav (37.13 KB)
VEE FX 078.wav (39.13 KB)
VEE2 Closed Hihat 050.wav (2.1 KB)
VEE2 Closed Hihat 064.wav (2.29 KB)
VEE2 Closed Hihat 068.wav (2.45 KB)
VEE2 Closed Hihat 044.wav (2.49 KB)
VEE2 Closed Hihat 062.wav (2.6 KB)
VEE2 Closed Hihat 052.wav (2.63 KB)
VEE2 Closed Hihat 045.wav (2.73 KB)
VEE2 Closed Hihat 054.wav (2.74 KB)
VEE2 Closed Hihat 053.wav (2.75 KB)
VEE2 Closed Hihat 060.wav (2.77 KB)
VEE2 Open Hihat 025.wav (8.53 KB)
VEE2 Open Hihat 029.wav (9.5 KB)
VEE2 Open Hihat 046.wav (10.46 KB)
VEE2 Open Hihat 067.wav (10.53 KB)
VEE2 Open Hihat 053.wav (10.67 KB)
VEE2 Open Hihat 026.wav (11.1 KB)
VEE2 Open Hihat 028.wav (11.1 KB)
VEE2 Open Hihat 110.wav (12.3 KB)
VEE2 Open Hihat 044.wav (12.55 KB)
VEE2 Open Hihat 125.wav (13.02 KB)
VEE2 Ride 47.wav (40.08 KB)
VEE2 Percussion 191.wav (3.12 KB)
VEE2 Percussion 011.wav (3.64 KB)
VEE2 Percussion 166.wav (4.43 KB)
VEE2 Percussion 149.wav (5.64 KB)
VEE2 Percussion 229.wav (5.77 KB)
VEE2 Percussion 291.wav (7.08 KB)
VEE2 Percussion 260.wav (7.45 KB)
VEE2 Percussion 253.wav (7.59 KB)
VEE2 Percussion 208.wav (7.74 KB)
VEE2 Percussion 287.wav (7.77 KB)
VEE2 Synth Shot 211.wav (5.7 KB)
VEE2 Synth Shot 151.wav (6.11 KB)
VEE2 Synth Shot 150.wav (8.28 KB)
VEE2 Synth Shot 156.wav (11.98 KB)
VEE2 Synth Shot 163.wav (13 KB)
VEE2 Synth Shot 175.wav (13.82 KB)
VEE2 Synth Shot 200.wav (13.84 KB)
VEE2 Synth Shot 204.wav (14.84 KB)
VEE2 Synth Shot 041.wav (14.97 KB)
VEE2 Synth Shot 165.wav (15.91 KB)
VEE2 Real Rec 41.wav (9.12 KB)
VEE2 Real Rec 04.wav (10.39 KB)
VEE2 Real Rec 19.wav (10.72 KB)
VEE2 Real Rec 26.wav (12.71 KB)
VEE2 Real Rec 06.wav (12.88 KB)
VEE2 Real Rec 28.wav (12.96 KB)
VEE2 Real Rec 25.wav (14.78 KB)
VEE2 Real Rec 21.wav (14.87 KB)
VEE2 Real Rec 15.wav (15.29 KB)
VEE2 Real Rec 34.wav (15.54 KB)
VEE2 FX 102.wav (10.42 KB)
VEE2 FX 047.wav (20.17 KB)
VEE2 FX 067.wav (21.13 KB)
VEE2 FX 097.wav (26.19 KB)
VEE2 FX 069.wav (31.44 KB)
VEE2 FX 062.wav (33.73 KB)
VEE2 FX 066.wav (37.84 KB)
VEE2 FX 061.wav (37.89 KB)
VEE2 Clap 122.wav (10.53 KB)
VEE2 Clap 096.wav (15.01 KB)
VEE2 Clap 150.wav (15.7 KB)
VEE2 Clap 052.wav (16.82 KB)
VEE2 Clap 097.wav (16.82 KB)
VEE2 Clap 048.wav (17.42 KB)
VEE2 Clap 063.wav (17.67 KB)
VEE2 Clap 189.wav (18.61 KB)
VEE2 Clap 144.wav (18.93 KB)
VEE2 Clap 081.wav (19.39 KB)
VEE2 Snare 108.wav (11.21 KB)
VEE2 Snare 101.wav (11.8 KB)
VEE2 Snare 106.wav (13.4 KB)
VEE2 Snare 161.wav (15 KB)
VEE2 Snare 086.wav (15.7 KB)
VEE2 Snare 119.wav (15.72 KB)
VEE2 Snare 103.wav (16.56 KB)
VEE2 Snare 116.wav (17.56 KB)
VEE2 Snare 105.wav (18.81 KB)
VEE2 Snare 107.wav (18.88 KB)
VEE2 Sub Perc 061.wav (14.93 KB)
VEE2 Sub Perc 063.wav (19.06 KB)
VEE2 Sub Perc 077.wav (23.23 KB)
VEE2 Sub Perc 087.wav (23.44 KB)
VEE2 Sub Perc 019.wav (23.73 KB)
VEE2 Sub Perc 068.wav (24.14 KB)
VEE2 Sub Perc 012.wav (25.3 KB)
VEE2 Sub Perc 072.wav (27.71 KB)
VEE2 Sub Perc 055.wav (28.22 KB)
VEE2 Sub Perc 079.wav (28.36 KB)
VEE2 Breakbeat Kick 01.wav (22.28 KB)
VEE2 Breakbeat Kick 09.wav (24.61 KB)
VEE2 Breakbeat Kick 06.wav (26.96 KB)
VEE2 Breakbeat Kick 07.wav (29.11 KB)
VEE2 Breakbeat Kick 10.wav (34.64 KB)
VEE2 Breakbeat Kick 08.wav (39.3 KB)
VEE2 Breakbeat Kick 04.wav (39.82 KB)
VEE2 Bassdrum 016.wav (24.89 KB)
VEE2 Bassdrum 182.wav (27.16 KB)
VEE2 Bassdrum 290.wav (32.02 KB)
VEE2 Bassdrum 090.wav (33.25 KB)
VEE2 Bassdrum 271.wav (33.72 KB)
VEE2 Bassdrum 169.wav (33.84 KB)
VEE2 Bassdrum 344.wav (34.18 KB)
VEE2 Bassdrum 045.wav (34.46 KB)
VEE2 Bassdrum 343.wav (36.59 KB)
VEE2 Bassdrum 059.wav (36.91 KB)
License Vengeance Sample CD.txt (2.77 KB)
VEE3 Percussion 01.wav (1.98 KB)
VEE3 Percussion 03.wav (6.51 KB)
VEE3 Percussion 04.wav (7.63 KB)
VEE3 Percussion 06.wav (8.16 KB)
VEE3 Percussion 02.wav (8.39 KB)
VEE3 Percussion 07.wav (8.7 KB)
VEE3 Percussion 08.wav (8.94 KB)
VEE3 Percussion 09.wav (9.73 KB)
VEE3 Percussion 10.wav (9.97 KB)
VEE3 Percussion 11.wav (10.02 KB)
VEE3 Closed Hihat 041.wav (6.84 KB)
VEE3 Closed Hihat 042.wav (7.22 KB)
VEE3 Closed Hihat 096.wav (8.64 KB)
VEE3 Closed Hihat 122.wav (8.77 KB)
VEE3 Closed Hihat 123.wav (9.5 KB)
VEE3 Closed Hihat 040.wav (11.12 KB)
VEE3 Closed Hihat 011.wav (11.38 KB)
VEE3 Closed Hihat 006.wav (11.39 KB)
VEE3 Closed Hihat 106.wav (11.65 KB)
VEE3 Closed Hihat 081.wav (11.92 KB)
VEE3 Open Hihat 098.wav (12.55 KB)
VEE3 Open Hihat 113.wav (13.04 KB)
VEE3 Open Hihat 116.wav (14.37 KB)
VEE3 Open Hihat 115.wav (16.59 KB)
VEE3 Open Hihat 117.wav (16.82 KB)
VEE3 Open Hihat 011.wav (18.35 KB)
VEE3 Open Hihat 102.wav (18.44 KB)
VEE3 Open Hihat 087.wav (19.07 KB)
VEE3 Open Hihat 111.wav (20.14 KB)
VEE3 Open Hihat 084.wav (20.25 KB)
VEE3 Ride 02.wav (37.36 KB)
VEE3 Pre Snare 16 -13ms.wav (23.43 KB)
VEE3 Pre Snare 12 -9ms.wav (23.68 KB)
VEE3 Pre Snare 09 -6ms.wav (23.94 KB)
VEE3 Pre Snare 10 -6ms.wav (25.95 KB)
VEE3 Pre Snare 26 -18ms.wav (25.98 KB)
VEE3 Pre Snare 11 -7ms.wav (26.16 KB)
VEE3 Pre Snare 15 -12ms.wav (26.45 KB)
VEE3 Pre Snare 14 -10ms.wav (27.8 KB)
VEE3 Pre Snare 08 -5ms.wav (28.82 KB)
VEE3 Pre Snare 07 -4ms.wav (31.02 KB)
VEE3 Snare 167.wav (9.65 KB)
VEE3 Snare 09.wav (17.21 KB)
VEE3 Snare 185.wav (17.25 KB)
VEE3 Snare 180.wav (17.93 KB)
VEE3 Snare 162.wav (18.78 KB)
VEE3 Snare 193.wav (19.64 KB)
VEE3 Snare 159.wav (20.32 KB)
VEE3 Snare 168.wav (20.5 KB)
... + 24704 more
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