Soundbanks Wavs Midis Psy

Updated: 29-May-2022
Soundbanks Wavs Midis Psy
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11.03 GB
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File List Information
Arp 1.mid (1009 bytes)
arp 10.mid (1.31 KB)
arp 11.mid (1.43 KB)
arp 12.mid (1.26 KB)
arp 13.mid (1.31 KB)
arp 14.mid (1.31 KB)
arp 15.mid (1.42 KB)
arp 16.mid (1.42 KB)
arp 17.mid (1.54 KB)
arp 18.mid (1.54 KB)
Bassline 1.mid (892 bytes)
Bassline 10.mid (492 bytes)
Bassline 11.mid (1.01 KB)
Bassline 12.mid (897 bytes)
Bassline 13.mid (897 bytes)
Bassline 14.mid (897 bytes)
Bassline 15.mid (897 bytes)
Bassline 16.mid (897 bytes)
Bassline 17.mid (890 bytes)
Bassline 18.mid (990 bytes)
BASSDRUM 1.wav (41.09 KB)
Bassdrum 10.wav (59.63 KB)
Bassdrum 11.wav (287.58 KB)
Bassdrum 12.wav (86.61 KB)
Bassdrum 13.wav (42.12 KB)
Bassdrum 14.wav (53.31 KB)
Bassdrum 15.wav (106.24 KB)
Bassdrum 16.wav (95.68 KB)
Bassdrum 17.wav (74.3 KB)
Bassdrum 18.wav (43.39 KB)
Loop 1.wav (1.12 MB)
Loop 10.wav (1.12 MB)
Loop 11.wav (571.85 KB)
Loop 12.wav (571.85 KB)
Loop 13.wav (571.85 KB)
Loop 14.wav (1.12 MB)
Loop 15.wav (1.12 MB)
Loop 16.wav (1.12 MB)
Loop 17.wav (1.12 MB)
Loop 18.wav (1.12 MB)
melody 1.mid (1.73 KB)
Melody 10.mid (954 bytes)
Melody 11.mid (954 bytes)
Melody 12.mid (1018 bytes)
Melody 13.mid (970 bytes)
Melody 14.mid (1.04 KB)
Melody 15.mid (1.04 KB)
Melody 16.mid (857 bytes)
Melody 17.mid (1.24 KB)
Melody 18.mid (1.47 KB)
Riff 1.mid (711 bytes)
Riff 10.mid (1.06 KB)
Riff 11.mid (1.06 KB)
Riff 12.mid (970 bytes)
Riff 13.mid (986 bytes)
Riff 14.mid (1.02 KB)
Riff 15.mid (850 bytes)
Riff 16.mid (1.08 KB)
Riff 17.mid (1.24 KB)
Riff 18.mid (922 bytes)
Mecha Atmos 1.wav (5.77 MB)
Mecha Atmos 10.wav (6.92 MB)
Mecha Atmos 2.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha Atmos 3.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha Atmos 4.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha Atmos 5.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha Atmos 6.wav (4.61 MB)
Mecha Atmos 7.mid (195 bytes)
Mecha Atmos 7.wav (6.92 MB)
Mecha Atmos 8.wav (6.92 MB)
Mecha Atmos 9.wav (6.92 MB)
Mecha Bass-new.tga (1.85 MB)
Mecha Bass A#1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass A#2.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass A#3.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass A1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass A2.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass A3.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass B1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass B2.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass B3.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass C#1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass.nki (3.41 KB)
Mecha Bass 2.tga (1.18 MB)
Mecha Bass 2 A#1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 2 A#2.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 2 A#3.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 2 A1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 2 A2.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 2 A3.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 2 B1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 2 B2.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 2 B3.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 2 C#1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 2.nki (3.37 KB)
Mecha Bass 3.tga (1.85 MB)
Mecha Bass 3 A#1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 3 A#2.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 3 A#3.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 3 A1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 3 A2.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 3 A3.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 3 B1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 3 B2.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 3 B3.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 3 C#1.wav (69.26 KB)
Mecha Bass 3.nki (3.39 KB)
Mecha Clap 3.nov (2.35 KB)
Mecha Clap 1.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Clap 10.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Clap 11.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Clap 12.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Clap 13.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Clap 14.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Clap 15.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Clap 16.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Clap 17.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Clap 18.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha CHH 1.wav (86.18 KB)
Mecha CHH 2.wav (86.18 KB)
Mecha CHH 3.wav (34.5 KB)
Mecha CHH 4.wav (85.11 KB)
Mecha CHH 5.wav (86.18 KB)
Mecha CHH 6.wav (77.89 KB)
Mecha CHH 7.wav (74.62 KB)
Mecha CHH 8.wav (69.22 KB)
Mecha CHH 9.wav (34.5 KB)
Mecha Crash 1.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Crash 2.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Crash 3.wav (947.5 KB)
Mecha Crash 4.wav (1.15 MB)
Mecha Crash 5.wav (443.02 KB)
Mecha OHH 1.wav (172.31 KB)
Mecha OHH 10.wav (55.42 KB)
Mecha OHH 11.wav (55.42 KB)
Mecha OHH 12.wav (55.42 KB)
Mecha OHH 13.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha OHH 14.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha OHH 15.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha OHH 16.wav (92.33 KB)
Mecha OHH 17.wav (94.77 KB)
Mecha OHH 2.wav (116.79 KB)
Mechanimal Psy-Trance Samples Vol.1 Demo MIDI.mid (25.93 KB)
Mechanimal Psy-Trance Samples Vol.1 Demo.mp3 (2.9 MB)
Mecha Impact 1.wav (406.11 KB)
Mecha Impact 10.wav (2.69 MB)
Mecha Impact 11.wav (2.31 MB)
Mecha Impact 12.wav (2.31 MB)
Mecha Impact 13.wav (2.31 MB)
Mecha Impact 2.wav (861.37 KB)
Mecha Impact 3.wav (276.22 KB)
Mecha Impact 4.wav (491.63 KB)
Mecha Impact 5.wav (602.97 KB)
Mecha Impact 6.wav (2.69 MB)
Mecha Rise 1.wav (2.6 MB)
Mecha Rise 10.wav (4.9 MB)
Mecha Rise 2.wav (2.6 MB)
Mecha Rise 3.wav (4.9 MB)
Mecha Rise 4.wav (4.9 MB)
Mecha Rise 5.wav (3.75 MB)
Mecha Rise 6.wav (4.9 MB)
Mecha Rise 7.wav (4.9 MB)
Mecha Rise 8.wav (4.9 MB)
Mecha Rise 9.wav (5.48 MB)
Mecha Zapper.tga (988.96 KB)
Mecha Zapper f.nov (1.2 KB)
Mecha Zapper r.nov (1.2 KB)
Mecha Zapper f.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha Zapper r.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha Zapper.nki (3.06 KB)
Mecha Zap 1.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha Zap 10.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha Zap 11.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha Zap 12.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha Zap 13.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha Zap 14.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha Zap 15.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha Zap 16.wav (73.88 KB)
Mecha Zap 17.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Zap 18.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Kicks [use pitch].nki (3.99 KB)
mecha kicks.tga (424.31 KB)
Mecha Kick 1.nov (2.06 KB)
Mecha Kick 10.nov (2.06 KB)
Mecha Kick 11.nov (2.06 KB)
Mecha Kick 12.nov (2.06 KB)
Mecha Kick 13.nov (2.06 KB)
Mecha Kick 14.nov (2.06 KB)
Mecha Kick 15.nov (2.06 KB)
Mecha Kick 16.nov (2.06 KB)
Mecha Kick 17.nov (2.06 KB)
Mecha Kick 18.nov (2.06 KB)
Mecha Kick 1.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Kick 10.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Kick 11.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Kick 12.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Kick 13.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Kick 14.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Kick 15.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Kick 16.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Kick 17.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Kick 18.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Sub Kick 1.wav (86.18 KB)
Mecha Sub Kick 2.wav (266.9 KB)
Mecha Sub Kick 3.wav (269.48 KB)
Mecha Sub Kick 4.wav (258.44 KB)
Mecha Sub Kick 5.wav (295.36 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 1.wav (344.57 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 10.wav (289.34 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 12.wav (128.5 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 2.wav (602.97 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 3.wav (172.31 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 4.wav (55.57 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 5.wav (169.84 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 6.wav (105.93 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 7.wav (57.01 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 8.wav (196.45 KB)
Mecha Perc FX 9.wav (213.68 KB)
Mecha Meta 1.wav (34.49 KB)
Mecha Meta 10.wav (68.72 KB)
Mecha Meta 11.wav (150.13 KB)
Mecha Meta 12.wav (118.9 KB)
Mecha Meta 13.wav (71.3 KB)
Mecha Meta 14.wav (62.62 KB)
Mecha Meta 15.wav (86.18 KB)
Mecha Meta 16.wav (83.63 KB)
Mecha Meta 17.wav (86.18 KB)
Mecha Meta 18.wav (205.25 KB)
Mecha Ac Tom 1.wav (34.5 KB)
Mecha Ac Tom 10.wav (87 KB)
Mecha Ac Tom 11.wav (86.18 KB)
Mecha Ac Tom 12.wav (86.18 KB)
Mecha Ac Tom 13.wav (64.64 KB)
Mecha Ac Tom 14.wav (215.38 KB)
Mecha Ac Tom 15.wav (129.24 KB)
Mecha Ac Tom 16.wav (86.18 KB)
Mecha Ac Tom 17.wav (172.31 KB)
Mecha Ac Tom 18.wav (172.31 KB)
Mecha Res Tom 1.wav (43.11 KB)
Mecha Res Tom 10.wav (43.11 KB)
Mecha Res Tom 11.wav (43.11 KB)
Mecha Res Tom 12.wav (64.64 KB)
Mecha Res Tom 13.wav (64.64 KB)
Mecha Res Tom 14.wav (43.11 KB)
Mecha Res Tom 15.wav (43.11 KB)
Mecha Res Tom 16.wav (43.11 KB)
Mecha Res Tom 17.wav (43.11 KB)
Mecha Res Tom 18.wav (43.11 KB)
Mecha Acid 1.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha Acid 10.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha Acid 11.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha Acid 12.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha Acid 13.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha Acid 14.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha Acid 15.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha Acid 16.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha Acid 17.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha Acid 18.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha Synth 1.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Synth 10.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Synth 11.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Synth 12.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Synth 13.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Synth 14.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Synth 15.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Synth 16.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Synth 17.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha Synth 18.wav (147.7 KB)
Mecha2 Atmos 1.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha2 Atmos 10.wav (5.63 MB)
Mecha2 Atmos 11.wav (4.76 MB)
Mecha2 Atmos 12.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha2 Atmos 2.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha2 Atmos 3.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha2 Atmos 4.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha2 Atmos 5.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha2 Atmos 6.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha2 Atmos 7.wav (5.19 MB)
Mecha2 Clap 1.wav (195.48 KB)
Mecha2 Clap 10.wav (195.48 KB)
Mecha2 Clap 11.wav (195.49 KB)
Mecha2 Clap 12.wav (195.48 KB)
Mecha2 Clap 13.wav (195.49 KB)
Mecha2 Clap 14.wav (195.48 KB)
Mecha2 Clap 15.wav (195.49 KB)
Mecha2 Clap 16.wav (195.48 KB)
Mecha2 Clap 17.wav (195.49 KB)
Mecha2 Clap 18.wav (195.48 KB)
Mecha2 Closed HH 1.wav (66.27 KB)
Mecha2 Closed HH 10.wav (66.27 KB)
Mecha2 Closed HH 2.wav (66.27 KB)
Mecha2 Closed HH 3.wav (66.27 KB)
Mecha2 Closed HH 4.wav (66.27 KB)
Mecha2 Closed HH 5.wav (66.27 KB)
Mecha2 Closed HH 6.wav (66.27 KB)
Mecha2 Closed HH 7.wav (66.27 KB)
Mecha2 Closed HH 8.wav (66.27 KB)
Mecha2 Closed HH 9.wav (66.27 KB)
Mecha2 Crash 1.wav (887.62 KB)
Mecha2 Crash 2.wav (1.08 MB)
Mecha2 Crash 3.wav (1.08 MB)
Mecha2 Crash 4.wav (1.3 MB)
Mecha2 Crash 5.wav (998.36 KB)
Mecha2 Open HH 1.wav (112.42 KB)
Mecha2 Open HH 10.wav (112.42 KB)
Mecha2 Open HH 2.wav (112.42 KB)
Mecha2 Open HH 3.wav (112.42 KB)
Mecha2 Open HH 4.wav (112.42 KB)
Mecha2 Open HH 5.wav (112.42 KB)
Mecha2 Open HH 6.wav (112.42 KB)
Mecha2 Open HH 7.wav (112.42 KB)
Mecha2 Open HH 8.wav (112.42 KB)
Mecha2 Open HH 9.wav (112.42 KB)
Mechanimal Psy-Trance Samples Vol.2 Demo MIDI.mid (23.75 KB)
Mechanimal Psy-Trance Samples Vol.2 Demo.mp3 (3.92 MB)
Mecha2 Boom 1.wav (2.16 MB)
Mecha2 Boom 2.wav (2.6 MB)
Mecha2 Boom 3.wav (3.03 MB)
Mecha2 Boom 4.wav (2.16 MB)
Mecha2 Boom 5.wav (2.16 MB)
Mecha2 Boom 6.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha2 Boom 7.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha2 Boom 8.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha2 Rise 1.wav (8.78 MB)
Mecha2 Rise 10.wav (8.22 MB)
Mecha2 Rise 2.wav (8.66 MB)
Mecha2 Rise 3.wav (8.78 MB)
Mecha2 Rise 4.wav (8.73 MB)
Mecha2 Rise 5.wav (8.66 MB)
Mecha2 Rise 6.wav (6.92 MB)
Mecha2 Rise 7.wav (7.79 MB)
Mecha2 Rise 8.wav (7.79 MB)
Mecha2 Rise 9.wav (8.22 MB)
Mecha2 Sweep 1.wav (5.63 MB)
Mecha2 Sweep 2.wav (5.63 MB)
Mecha2 Sweep 3.wav (8.65 MB)
Mecha2 Sweep 4.wav (6.06 MB)
Mecha2 Sweep 5.wav (7.79 MB)
Mecha2 Sweep 6.wav (3.46 MB)
Mecha2 Sweep 7.wav (4.76 MB)
Mecha2 Kick 1.wav (167.79 KB)
Mecha2 Kick 10.wav (167.8 KB)
Mecha2 Kick 11.wav (167.79 KB)
Mecha2 Kick 12.wav (167.8 KB)
Mecha2 Kick 13.wav (167.79 KB)
Mecha2 Kick 14.wav (167.8 KB)
Mecha2 Kick 15.wav (167.79 KB)
Mecha2 Kick 16.wav (167.8 KB)
Mecha2 Kick 17.wav (167.79 KB)
Mecha2 Kick 18.wav (167.8 KB)
NSB A#1.wav (546.91 KB)
NSB A#2.wav (545.78 KB)
NSB A#3.wav (533.63 KB)
NSB A1.wav (547.76 KB)
NSB A2.wav (540.12 KB)
NSB A3.wav (547.04 KB)
NSB B1.wav (545.9 KB)
NSB B2.wav (544.44 KB)
NSB B3.wav (538.76 KB)
NSB C#1.wav (543.56 KB)
Zap Down.wav (430.71 KB)
Zap Up.wav (430.71 KB)
NSB A#1.wav (546.91 KB)
NSB A#2.wav (545.78 KB)
NSB A#3.wav (533.63 KB)
NSB A1.wav (547.76 KB)
NSB A2.wav (540.12 KB)
NSB A3.wav (547.04 KB)
NSB B1.wav (545.9 KB)
NSB B2.wav (544.44 KB)
NSB B3.wav (538.76 KB)
NSB C#1.wav (543.56 KB)
Acid Guitar 1.nki (24.01 KB)
Acid Guitar 2.nki (24.22 KB)
Broken Acid.nki (24.11 KB)
Devilfish 303.nki (23.92 KB)
Digeridrone.nki (23.95 KB)
Dry Zap.nki (3.62 KB)
FM Acid.nki (23.95 KB)
Fat Chorus Bass 1.nki (23.92 KB)
Fat Chorus Bass 2.nki (23.88 KB)
Fat saw.nki (23.9 KB)
Mecha2 Synth Stab 1.wav (221.62 KB)
Mecha2 Synth Stab 10.wav (221.62 KB)
Mecha2 Synth Stab 11.wav (221.62 KB)
Mecha2 Synth Stab 12.wav (221.62 KB)
Mecha2 Synth Stab 13.wav (221.62 KB)
Mecha2 Synth Stab 14.wav (221.62 KB)
Mecha2 Synth Stab 15.wav (221.62 KB)
Mecha2 Synth Stab 16.wav (223.16 KB)
Mecha2 Synth Stab 17.wav (223.16 KB)
Mecha2 Synth Stab 18.wav (221.62 KB)
Mecha2 Zap 1.wav (446.01 KB)
Mecha2 Zap 10.wav (506.45 KB)
Mecha2 Zap 11.wav (206.36 KB)
Mecha2 Zap 12.wav (155.8 KB)
Mecha2 Zap 13.wav (135.99 KB)
Mecha2 Zap 14.wav (98.26 KB)
Mecha2 Zap 15.wav (144.51 KB)
Mecha2 Zap 16.wav (120.74 KB)
Mecha2 Zap 17.wav (141.39 KB)
Mecha2 Zap 18.wav (175.47 KB)
How to import Kontakt presets.pdf (42.67 KB)
Mechanimal README.pdf (114.79 KB)
Mecha3 Clap 1.wav (332.28 KB)
Mecha3 Clap 10.wav (332.28 KB)
Mecha3 Clap 11.wav (332.28 KB)
Mecha3 Clap 12.wav (332.28 KB)
Mecha3 Clap 13.wav (332.28 KB)
Mecha3 Clap 14.wav (332.28 KB)
Mecha3 Clap 15.wav (332.28 KB)
Mecha3 Clap 16.wav (332.28 KB)
Mecha3 Clap 17.wav (332.28 KB)
Mecha3 Clap 18.wav (332.28 KB)
Mecha3 Closed HH 1.wav (221.53 KB)
Mecha3 Closed HH 2.wav (221.53 KB)
Mecha3 Closed HH 3.wav (221.53 KB)
Mecha3 Crash.wav (885.99 KB)
Mecha3 Gong 1.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Gong 2.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Gong 3.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Open HH 1.wav (443.02 KB)
Mecha3 Open HH 2.wav (443.02 KB)
Mecha3 Open HH 3.wav (719.87 KB)
Mecha3 Kick 1.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha3 Kick 10.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha3 Kick 11.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha3 Kick 12.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha3 Kick 13.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha3 Kick 14.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha3 Kick 15.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha3 Kick 16.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha3 Kick 17.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha3 Kick 18.wav (110.79 KB)
Mecha3 Loop 1.wav (886.01 KB)
Mecha3 Loop 10.wav (1.3 MB)
Mecha3 Loop 11.wav (1.3 MB)
Mecha3 Loop 12.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Loop 13.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Loop 14.wav (1.3 MB)
Mecha3 Loop 15.wav (1.3 MB)
Mecha3 Loop 16.wav (1.3 MB)
Mecha3 Loop 17.wav (1.3 MB)
Mecha3 Loop 18.wav (1.3 MB)
Mecha3 Perc 1.wav (443.02 KB)
Mecha3 Perc 10.wav (885.99 KB)
Mecha3 Perc 11.wav (553.76 KB)
Mecha3 Perc 12.wav (885.99 KB)
Mecha3 Perc 13.wav (498.39 KB)
Mecha3 Perc 14.wav (885.99 KB)
Mecha3 Perc 15.wav (664.5 KB)
Mecha3 Perc 16.wav (443.02 KB)
Mecha3 Perc 17.wav (221.53 KB)
Mecha3 Perc 18.wav (83.11 KB)
Demo MIDI.mid (17.31 KB)
Mechanimal Psy-Trance Samples Vol.3 Demo.mp3 (3.4 MB)
read me.txt (800 bytes)
Mecha3 Boom 1.wav (1.3 MB)
Mecha3 Boom 10.wav (2.16 MB)
Mecha3 Boom 2.wav (1.3 MB)
Mecha3 Boom 3.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Boom 4.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Boom 5.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Boom 6.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Boom 7.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Boom 8.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Boom 9.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Riser 1.wav (691.06 KB)
Mecha3 Riser 10.wav (4.16 MB)
Mecha3 Riser 11.wav (3.89 MB)
Mecha3 Riser 12.wav (3.89 MB)
Mecha3 Riser 13.wav (3.79 MB)
Mecha3 Riser 14.wav (3.79 MB)
Mecha3 Riser 15.wav (3.68 MB)
Mecha3 Riser 16.wav (3.79 MB)
Mecha3 Riser 17.wav (4.11 MB)
Mecha3 Riser 18.wav (4 MB)
Mecha3 Sweep 1.wav (2.16 MB)
Mecha3 Sweep 10.wav (4.33 MB)
Mecha3 Sweep 2.wav (2.16 MB)
Mecha3 Sweep 3.wav (2.16 MB)
Mecha3 Sweep 4.wav (2.6 MB)
Mecha3 Sweep 5.wav (1.73 MB)
Mecha3 Sweep 6.wav (2.6 MB)
Mecha3 Sweep 7.wav (2.6 MB)
Mecha3 Sweep 9.wav (4.76 MB)
Mecha3 Acid 1.wav (885.99 KB)
Mecha3 Acid 10.wav (553.76 KB)
Mecha3 Acid 11.wav (553.76 KB)
Mecha3 Acid 12.wav (553.76 KB)
Mecha3 Acid 13.wav (553.76 KB)
Mecha3 Acid 14.wav (553.76 KB)
Mecha3 Acid 15.wav (553.76 KB)
Mecha3 Acid 16.wav (553.76 KB)
Mecha3 Acid 17.wav (553.76 KB)
Mecha3 Acid 18.wav (1.08 MB)
Red.tga (373.97 KB)
NSB A#1.wav (548.55 KB)
NSB A#2.wav (547.43 KB)
NSB A#3.wav (535.27 KB)
... + 9292 more
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