International Center For 9/11 Studies: NIST Cumulus Video Database

Updated: 17-Oct-2019
International Center For 9/11 Studies: NIST Cumulus Video Database
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A&E IR1 clip1.avi (6.39 MB)
A&E IR1 clip10.avi (4.5 MB)
A&E IR1 clip11.avi (4.42 MB)
A&E IR1 clip12.avi (4.07 MB)
A&E IR1 clip13.avi (3.68 MB)
A&E IR1 clip14.avi (3.64 MB)
A&E IR1 clip15.avi (10.2 MB)
A&E IR1 clip16.avi (3.88 MB)
A&E IR1 clip17.avi (8.98 MB)
A&E IR1 clip18.avi (3.35 MB)
NYPD Helicopter 1.avi (867.59 KB)
NYPD Helicopter 10.avi (2.49 MB)
NYPD Helicopter 11.avi (7.62 MB)
NYPD Helicopter 12.avi (1018.59 KB)
NYPD Helicopter 13.avi (868.52 KB)
NYPD Helicopter 14.avi (1.97 MB)
NYPD Helicopter 15.avi (2.04 MB)
NYPD Helicopter 16.avi (1.69 MB)
NYPD Helicopter 17.avi (8.56 MB)
NYPD Helicopter 18.avi (858.64 KB)
ABC News GMA Clip 1.avi (14.9 MB)
ABC News GMA Clip 10.avi (2.02 MB)
ABC News GMA Clip 11.avi (975.45 KB)
ABC News GMA Clip 12.avi (21.36 MB)
ABC News GMA Clip 13.avi (937.3 KB)
ABC News GMA Clip 14.avi (7.4 MB)
ABC News GMA Clip 15.avi (8.94 MB)
ABC News GMA Clip 16.avi (2.7 MB)
ABC News GMA Clip 17.avi (15.75 MB)
ABC News GMA Clip 18.avi (3.72 MB)
DSCF0592.avi (715.48 KB)
DSCF0598.avi (1.26 MB)
Thumbs.db (9.5 KB)
Abramson&Sabio_clip01.avi (27.9 MB)
Abramson&Sabio_clip02.avi (29.15 MB)
Abramson&Sabio_clip03.avi (97.09 MB)
Abramson&Sabio_clip04.avi (82.47 MB)
Abramson&Sabio_clip05.avi (59.65 MB)
Abramson&Sabio_clip06.avi (47.16 MB)
Abramson&Sabio_clip07.avi (46.37 MB)
Abramson&Sabio_clip08.avi (47.98 MB)
Abramson&Sabio_clip09.avi (48.19 MB)
Abramson&Sabio_clip10.avi (46.71 MB)
Andrea clip_1A.avi (18.35 MB)
Andrea clip_1B.avi (17.39 MB)
Andrea clip_1C.avi (28 MB)
Andrea clip_2A.avi (27.28 MB)
Andrea clip_2B.avi (24.64 MB)
Andrea clip_3A.avi (25.43 MB)
Andrea clip_3B.avi (25.72 MB)
Andrea clip_4.avi (43.85 MB)
Andrea clip_5A.avi (25.16 MB)
Andrea clip_5B.avi (24.66 MB)
Anthony Sevilla 01.avi (5.37 MB)
Anthony Sevilla 02.avi (19.19 MB)
Anthony Sevilla 03.avi (13.51 MB)
Anthony Sevilla 04.avi (6.58 MB)
Anthony Sevilla 05.avi (6.26 MB)
Anthony Sevilla 06.avi (10.96 MB)
Anthony Sevilla 07.avi (14.88 MB)
Anthony Sevilla 08.avi (18.97 MB)
Anthony Sevilla 09.avi (1.8 MB)
Anthony Sevilla 10.avi (5.56 MB)
Networks clips 1.avi (5.5 MB)
Networks clips 10.avi (10.65 MB)
Networks clips 11.avi (6.31 MB)
Networks clips 12.avi (5.25 MB)
Networks clips 13.avi (4.91 MB)
Networks clips 14.avi (5.05 MB)
Networks clips 15.avi (8.78 MB)
Networks clips 16.avi (8.98 MB)
Networks clips 17.avi (1.91 MB)
Networks clips 18.avi (7.93 MB)
BBC_clip001.avi (1.52 MB)
BBC_clip002.avi (1.74 MB)
BBC_clip003.avi (11.78 MB)
BBC_clip004.avi (2.38 MB)
BBC_clip005.avi (2.09 MB)
BBC_clip006.avi (4.02 MB)
BBC_clip007.avi (9.87 MB)
BBC_clip008.avi (4.66 MB)
BBC_clip009.avi (2.44 MB)
BBC_clip010.avi (5.93 MB)
Schwartz Clip 1.avi (3.94 MB)
Schwartz Clip 10.avi (5.19 MB)
Schwartz Clip 11.avi (331.94 KB)
Schwartz Clip 12.avi (11.61 MB)
Schwartz Clip 13.avi (2.53 MB)
Schwartz Clip 2.avi (3.38 MB)
Schwartz Clip 3.avi (4.92 MB)
Schwartz Clip 4.avi (3.53 MB)
Schwartz Clip 5.avi (3.72 MB)
Schwartz Clip 6.avi (946.13 KB)
Broadcast clips Fall WTC1 clip1.avi (26.99 MB)
Thumbs.db (5.5 KB)
NIST FOIA Terms of Use.txt (1.39 KB)
... + 6672 more
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