Med Board Review

Updated: 23-Jul-2021
Med Board Review
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Disc 1-01-Introduction-Guide for Exam Preparation.mp3 (35.45 MB)
Disc 1-02-Cardiology-Peripheral Vascular Disease.mp3 (29.56 MB)
Disc 10-01-Geriatrics-Common Issues in the Elderly.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 10-02-Geriatrics-Differentiating the D's.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 11-01-Geriatrics-Unique Geriatric Pharmacologic Issues.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 11-02-Hematology-Hematology.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 12-01-Infectious Disease-Sexually Transmitted Infections, Vaginitis, and Vaginosis.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 12-02-Idfectious Disease-Fever and Infectious Disease in Children.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 13-01-Nephrology-Renal Disease.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 13-02-Neurology-Unique Neurological Issues.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 14-01-Neurology-Acute CVA and TIA.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 14-02-Obstetrics and Gynecology-Managing Menstrual Disorders.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 15-01-Obstetrics and Gynecology-Infertility and Control of Fertility.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 15-02-Obstetrics and Gynecology-Maternity Care I; Antepartum Screening and Care.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 16-01-Obstetrics and Gynecology-Maternity Care II; Common Complications and Medical Disorders.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 16-02-Oncology-Cancer in Women.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 17-01-Orthopedics-Overuse Injuries.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 17-02-Orthopedics-Trauma and Fractures.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 18-01-Orthopedics-Pediatric Disorders.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 18-02-Otolaryngology-Common ENT Problems.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 19-01-Pain Management-Management of Chronic Pain.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 19-02-Pediatrics-Common Newborn Issues.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 2-01-Cardiology-Hypertension.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 2-02-Cardiology-Hyperlipidemia.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 20-01-Pediatrics-Well-Child Care and Adolescent Health Issues.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 20-02-Psychiatry-Behavioral Medicine I; Mood Disorders.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 21-01-Psychiatry-Behavioral Medicine II; Bipolar and Personality Disorders.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 21-02-Psychaitry-Behavioral Medicine III; ADHA and Conduct Disorders.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 22-01-Pulmonary Medicine-Adult Pulmonary Disease.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 22-02-Pulmonary Medicine-Asthma; Pediatric and Adult.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 23-01-Rheumatology-Rheumatology Update.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 23-02-Surgery-General Surgery-Part I; Preoperative Evaluation.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 24-01-Surgery-General Surgery-Part II; The Acute Abdomen.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 24-02-Urology-Urologic Problems Update.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 3-01-Cardiology-Managing Dysrhythmias.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 3-02-Cardiology-ACS and Heart Failure.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 4-01-Community Medicine-Health Promotion and Screening.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 4-02-Community Medicine-Epidemiology.mp3 (26.33 MB)
Disc 5-01-Community Medicine-Immunizations.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 5-02-Dermatology-Managing Common Cutaneous Conditions.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 6-01-Emergency and Urgent Care-Trauma and Wound Care.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 6-02-Emergency and Urgent Care-Bites, Stings, and Other Emergency Things.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 7-01-Endocrinology-Thyroid Disease Update.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 7-02-Endocrinology-Diabetes I; Diagnosis and Initial Management.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 8-01-Endocrinology-Diabetes II; Complications and Treatment.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 8-02-Endocrinology-Osteoporosis.mp3 (22.25 MB)
Disc 9-01-Gastroenterology-Review of the Diseases of the Upper GI Tract.mp3 (24.79 MB)
Disc 9-02-Gastroenterology-Review of the Diseases of the Lower GI Tract.mp3 (22.25 MB)
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